Best IAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar- Contact Details, Fees, & Reviews

Best IAS Coaching Institute in Bhubaneswar

One of the hardest and most competitive exams in India is the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) exam/ UPSC Civil Service Exam, which must be passed with a great deal of effort, commitment, and guidance. Coaching is one of the most widely used methods for IAS exam preparation. However, the question that needs to be answered is whether or not coaching actually helps with IAS exam preparation. We will talk about the value of coaching in IAS exam preparation in this article, as well as if it is necessary for success.

Choosing the best IAS coaching in Bhubaneshwar for the Civil Service exam can be a laborious process because the best preparation for the Civil Service Exam (CSE) depends on a number of important factors, including the location of the batch (online/ offline), the mentorship and individual attention provided by the instructors, the fee structure, and the past performance of the candidates.

This post will go over the Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Bhubaneshwar Suggested for Ensured Success, as well as how a candidate for the UPSC can choose the top coaching facilities, which are the most well-liked by students.

How to choose best IAS coaching Institute in Bhubaneshwar?

  • Students who receive coaching profit greatly from having a well-organized study schedule. The instructors at coaching centres are highly skilled professionals who possess extensive knowledge of both the syllabus and the IAS exam. They design a thorough study schedule for pupils that specifies the subjects they must cover, the amount of time they must devote to each subject, and the materials they must utilise. Students may stay on course and save time by using this organised study schedule instead of squandering it on unrelated subjects. To further increase the student’s chances of success, the study plan is customised based on their unique demands and areas of weakness.
  • Students’ ability to strengthen their analytical skills is another significant advantage of coaching. Students must have a thorough comprehension of the subjects they are learning in order to pass the IAS exam. Memorising information is not the only requirement. Students can participate in group discussions, debates, and other activities that support the development of their analytical skills at coaching institutes. These exercises also assist students in developing critical thinking skills and an understanding of differing viewpoints on a range of topics.
  • Students that receive coaching also have access to the best study resources. The study materials provided by coaching centres are made especially for the IAS test. Typically authored by subject-matter specialists, this content is updated frequently to take into account modifications to the curriculum and testing methodology. In addition, coaching centres give their pupils access to sample exams, previous year’s question papers, and other study materials. Students who are doing their own research are at a disadvantage because it is difficult for them to access these resources.

List of Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Bhubaneswar

 1. Apti Plus IAS Academy

The Bhubaneswar-based APTI PLUS Institute for Civil Services has made a name for itself as a top UPSC teaching centre. With a reputation for being committed to helping students get ready for the difficult UPSC exams, APTI PLUS has gained a lot of recognition and respect in the educational community. As a result of its combination of knowledgeable instructors, extensive study resources, and an organised teaching style, this institute is highly sought after by IAS candidates.

In order to serve as the hub for generating, guiding, and fostering students from the eastern region of India, Apti Plus was established in 2005–2006. The institute pledges to build a nation over the long term while giving its students top-notch instruction, industry-best practices, and excellent mentors. Annual student results show this every year. By producing the majority of IAS, IFS, IRS, and IPS officers from eastern India, the institute has established a standard.

Fee Structure of Apti Plus IAS Academy

Course DurationModeAmount
Integrated Pre Cum Mains1 YearOffline/Online141,600/122,000
Optional Subject4-5 MonthsOnline35,400
CSAT for Prelims with Test Series17,700
Personalized Mentorship Program4 MonthsOnline14,999
Mains Mock Test Series365 DaysOnline/Offline10,999
WBCS Regular Course Prelims + Mains12-14 MonthsOffline/Online120,000/63,720
OAS Regular Course10-12 MonthsOffline/Online122,000
Single Optional Subject for OAS3-4 MonthsOffline/Online35,400

Contact Details of Apti Plus IAS Academy– One of the Best IAS Coaching in Bhubaneshwar

AddressPlot:2280, Biju Pattanaik (College Road), Jay dev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha:751013.
Contact Number 8100765577

 2. Vanik IAS Coaching 

One of the top schools for UPSC candidates is now Vanik IAS Institute in Bhubaneswar. Vanik IAS provides a supportive environment for candidates getting ready for the fiercely competitive UPSC exams. It is renowned for its all-encompassing approach and creative teachings. 

Through the effective use of online practice and theory sessions, the institute primarily focuses on developing essential concepts for question solving approaches. This helps applicants not only ace tests but also develop the kind of personality that will help them land their dream job in the future. Even the newest and greatest online test series, such as OCS & WBCS, are provided by the institute.

The main goal of Vanik IAS Institute is to develop India’s brightest minds by equipping them with the greatest qualities for becoming outstanding educators. By developing the bright minds of its students and providing them with all the guidance they need to reach their objectives, the institute strives to make India and society better.

Fee Structure of Vanik IAS Academy

Course NameFees
SSC Railway BankingRs. 27,000
SSCRs. 22,000
SSC GSRs.11,500
OCS Crash CourseRs. 25,000
OPSCRs. 20,000
OSSC JE civilRs. 65,00
OSSC CGLERs. 5,000
OAS Mains online courseRs.19,500

Contact Details of Vanik IAS Academy

Address1441, 1st floor, CRP Square Vanik Corporate Office, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751015
Contact Number080930 83555

Ratings of Vanik IAS Academy

Just Dial5/5
Google Map4.5/5 (510 Reviews)

3. Ray’s IAS Academy

Ray’s IAS Coaching was established in 2017, the aim is to provide candidates with comprehensive support throughout their journey, with a focus on personal care, motivation, and supervision in addition to subject-oriented classes.

The primary goal of the institute is to mentor bright young people towards a successful professional life and a better job. We regularly update our course covering plans to reflect the evolving nature of the examination. When a student first enrolls, the institute’s aim is to provide them with all the necessities as well as a range of amenities at every stage so they won’t need outside assistance until the completion of their preparation. 

Contact Details of Ray’s IAS Coaching In Bhubneswar-

AddressTop floor, 7, Niladri Vihar Rd, Sector-1, Neeladri Vihar, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751021
Contact Number063712 12785
HoursMonday-Sunday 7AM-9PM

Fee Structure Of Ray’s IAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar


Google Map4.9/5 (256 reviews)

4. Chahal IAS Academy

A well-known school in Bhubaneswar, Chahal IAS Academy provides thorough preparation for the Civil Services Examination (CSE) and other competitive exams. The academy has a strong track record of graduating qualified students and is known for its skilled teachers, student-centered philosophy, and dedication to quality.

Due to the academy’s advantageous location in Odisha’s capital city of Bhubaneswar, students from all across the state and its surrounding areas can easily reach it. Because of its advantageous location, Chahal IAS Academy is able to draw in a wide range of applicants and give them the direction and assistance they need to be successful in the fiercely competitive civil services industry. A range of programmes are available at Chahal IAS Academy to meet the requirements of various candidates. 

Fee Structure of Chahal IAS Academy Bhubaneswar

Batch DurationFees+GST
One Year Batch Rs 50,000
Two Years BatchRs 80,000
Three Years Batch Rs.1,10,000
Four Years Batch Rs. 1,44,000

Contact Details of Chahal IAS Academy Bhubaneswar

AddressB-43, First Floor opposite Rama Devi University Vani Vihar, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751007
Contact Number072019 11227
HoursMonday – Sunday 9AM-8PM
Services Option Online and on-site services
Website O


Just Dial4.9/5

5. Aarohan Classes– IAS Coaching Institute in Bhubaneshwar

For UPSC candidates, Bhubaneswar has become a well-known coaching destination. Aarohan Classes, well-known for its methodical approach and efficient teaching techniques, provides candidates with a supportive environment in which to prepare for the fiercely competitive UPSC exams.

Offering a thorough and methodical approach to civil services preparation, Aarohan Classes in Bhubaneswar has made a name for itself as a major participant in the UPSC coaching scene. The program offers a combination of intense academic instruction and one-on-one mentoring, and is renowned for its committed and knowledgeable professors. Serious IAS candidates are drawn to Aarohan Classes because of its emphasis on developing students’ potential and providing them with the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the UPSC exams.

Contact detail of Aarohan Classes Bhubaneswar

AddressBhubaneswar Acharya Vihar Campus: Aarohan Classes 1st Floor, Commercial Complex Acharya Vihar Pani Tanki, Acharya Vihar Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Contact Number +91 9437002210 


Just Dial4.1/5


For UPSC aspirants, choosing the best IAs coaching in Bhubaneshwar is essential because it has a big influence on their chances of passing the extremely tough exam. The top 10 IAS coaching Institutes in Bhubaneshwar are discussed in this blog have proven throughout time that they are dedicated to providing high-quality instruction and have produced successful students.

When making a choice, candidates must take into account their unique requirements, preferences, and financial situation. To ensure that the decision you make is in line with your objectives and aspirations, do your homework, visit the centers if you can, and get input from current and former students. You can start your road to pass the IAS exam and proudly serve the country if you are determined, dedicated, and receive the correct coaching.

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